Another website?

Is this yet another version of the website?

I have owned the domain name for over six years.  Over the years, many iterations of the site have gone up and been taken down.  This is because the site changes with the changing needs of my constituents.  So why a new site now?  Techonology has changed, my approach has changed, and the needs of my clients have changed.  This new site will be more client-oriented and less fluff.  I will try to continuously produce as much value as I can for all my clients – past, present, and future.  This format for AskGrace is here to stay.  I will provide static information on the different pages you see in the menu.  In addition, I will provide my thoughts on current events that impact small business, healthcare, and social welfare in general.  The dynamic content can be found under Grace Asks… and will be the landing page of the website.  This is done on purpose so that you visit the site often.  I hope you find my musings informative and entertaining.  If so, please leave a comment.  If you disagree with something I’ve said, please leave a comment.  I intend to use this site as a means of two-way communication.  If you don’t like this format, the rest of the internet is only a click away…

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